Bank of Ireland UK launches 95% LTV mortgage range

15 February 2017

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Bank of Ireland UK is pleased to confirm the launch of a new range of 95% Loan To Value mortgages today, 15 February.

The offering is available to all purchasers and aims to provide support to those who can no longer benefit from the Government’s Help to Buy scheme.

The new range will give greater choice to first time buyers, especially those who can afford a mortgage but often find it difficult to save the necessary deposit. Bank of Ireland UK remains committed to supporting first time buyers by offering competitive mortgage products through its intermediary partners.

Alison Pallett, Director of Sales, Bank of Ireland UK says:

We believe that first time buyers are integral to the long term health of the housing market, helping to stimulate activity at all stages of home ownership. We hope that this new proposition will help to enable the next generation of home owners to take their first steps onto the housing ladder.

For all press enquiries please, contact Sara Holland on 07831 718436 or email

Product search

Find the right products to suit your customers’ needs.

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