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Service Update

Get a quick overview of our current service levels and business volumes. We update this page daily.

Our current service levels as of 09:00 on 24/05/2024

Approval in Principle Referrals

Thu 23 May 2024

As soon as your AIP has been reviewed, you'll receive an email to view your case update in your online case hub.

Full Application Referrals

Thu 23 May 2024

As soon as your application has been reviewed, you'll receive an email to view your update in your online case hub.

Telephony Services

0 minute 20 seconds

This is the average time for our Intermediary Enquiry Line to answer calls for the month to date.

Case Handling Assessment Date

Fri 10 May 2024

Our case handlers are reviewing the latest document uploads from the above date. When we have all the documents and information we need, we’ll pass them for underwriting assessment.

Cases Passed to Underwriting

Fri 10 May 2024

We’re looking at fully packaged cases passed to an underwriter on the above date. Please check your online broker hub for a case message to confirm your case is at this stage.

Application Submission to Offer

16 working days

Please ensure the Valuation Fee is paid (if applicable) to secure the rate applied for, and that you’ve supplied any documents and information requested to minimise delays. To check the full list of what we need, log in to your case hub and select the ‘Actions’ tab.

Standard Valuation Reports

3 working days

This is the time from accepted instruction to receipt of the report.

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