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Intermediary use only

At Bank of Ireland UK we recognise that the way we use personal information plays an essential role in enabling our customers and communities to thrive.

We take our management of information very seriously and would like to make sure that you know what personal information we collect, how we use it and that you are aware of your rights in relation to its use. We therefore encourage you to read this Privacy Notice carefully.

Please read our Privacy and Cookie policy for further information. 

Latest updates

In December 2020 we updated our Privacy Notice. Some of the key changes included the following:

  • Moved and updated information related to Fraud Prevention Agencies into an Appendix
  • Being clearer about who we are and what we do
  • Clarified the lawful bases relied upon and that we use fraud detection services to undertake searches
  • Enhanced the information about how long we hold information including making it clear that sometimes personal data is not destroyed if there are inter-dependencies between IT systems but that in those circumstances the bank will limit access and put personal information beyond use wherever possible
  • Ensured that it is clear that we will continue to process information in both the UK and the EEA
  • Simplified the layout.

Our updated Data Privacy Notice and our Data Privacy Summary is effective from 1 December 2020.

Personal Information

At Bank of Ireland UK we take protecting personal information seriously. Full details about how personal information will be used by us, as well as your client's rights can be found in our Privacy Notice.

It provides details about what information is collected, how it is used, who it is shared with and how you can control the use of your client's personal information.

Credit Reference Agencies

In order to process your application and manage your client's account we exchange information with Credit Reference Agencies. Further details can be found in our Privacy Notice.

Fraud Prevention Agencies

The personal information we collect from your client is shared with Fraud Prevention Agencies, who use it to prevent and detect crime such as fraud and money-laundering and to verify your client's identity. Further details can be found in our Privacy Notice.

Our Data Protection Officer (DPO)

Questions, comments, requests or complaints? Please get in touch with our Data Protection Officer:

Post: Bank of Ireland UK, PO Box 3191, 1 Temple Quay, Bristol, BS1 9HY

Last Updated: November 2020.

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