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First Start Calculator

Get an instant estimate of how much your client could borrow.

Help using the calculator

Things to consider:

  • If you want to check your client's affordability for any other mortgage, you'll need to use our standard affordability calculator
  • During the application process we’ll ask for a more detailed breakdown of your client’s income and outgoings, which could change the amount we can lend
  • A sponsor is a close relative, normally a parent or step parent of any applicant, who’s added as a co-borrower
  • The minimum income needed for a sponsor is £30,000
  • The minimum income for an applicant is £20,000
  • Maximum borrowing of £500,000
  • Minimum age for applicant at application is 18
  • Maximum age for sponsor at application is 60. They mustn’t exceed 80 years old at the end of the term
  • Maximum of 4 applicants - only the income of the sponsor and the highest earning applicant will be assessed.

See our First Start help page for more tips.


Please refer to loan size and limits. We will not normally lend to applicants who have unsecured debt which exceeds half their gross annual assessable income, even it it’ll be repaid in whole, or part, before completion. We’ll exclude student debt from our assessments.

This calculator provides an indication only. It’s not a legally binding mortgage Offer and places Bank of Ireland UK at no obligation to provide your customer with a mortgage. All applications must meet our lending criteria and are subject to assessment. The amount your client could borrow may be less once this assessment has been made.

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