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Our Bespoke Service

Because one size doesn’t fit all.

What is Bespoke?

Bespoke is our personalised and flexible service for good quality complex cases.

As long as your client meets our 5 golden rules, one of our Bespoke underwriters will individually assess their case, taking a common sense approach.

And whatever the outcome, your underwriter will let you know. So you can have trust and confidence in their decision.

How it works

1. Check our 5 golden rules

  • Must pass our credit score
  • Must meet our minimum income and loan size requirements*
  • Income to support the loan must be paid in GBP
  • Up to 90% LTV for residential and up to 75% LTV for Buy to Let
  • Must meet our standard property criteria.

*The minimum loan size is £150,000 and the minimum income requirements are:
Residential: Repayment mortgage - At least one applicant must earn £40,000. Interest only mortgage - £50,000 for sole applicants and £75,000 for joint applicants. Buy to Let: At least one applicant must earn £40,000 for a repayment or interest only mortgage.

2. Assessing your case

Your client’s case can go straight to AIP (no pre submission needed) if any one of the following is the only Bespoke element:

  • Exclude childcare/school fees if evidenced as being paid by a third party
  • 2 years’ (instead of 3) self employed trading history
  • Change in trading status for self employed
  • Loan size is less than £1.5 million for residential or £1 million for Buy to Let.

For all other cases, including a combination of the above, please contact us. Our Bespoke underwriters host a daily underwriting surgery where we can take your complex case questions and get immediate answers for you. This may lead to your client’s case being able to go straight to AIP. 

3. Apply

Choose from one of our Bespoke products and apply through our online application system using the 3-letter product code shown on the mortgage illustration. If you need more help please see our Bespoke FAQs document.

Your underwriter will see your case through to offer.

Why use our Bespoke service?

  • Consistency – direct contact with one of our underwriters who’ll look after your case from enquiry to offer
  • A personalised approach - we’ll individually assess each case
  • Certainty and a trusted decision - as long as nothing changes from what you’ve told us, we’ll honour the decision we make at AIP stage
  • A soft credit footprint at AIP stage.

To see how we’ve successfully helped clients with our Bespoke service, take a look at our case studies.

Right here for you

Tailored underwriting workshops

We can bring the expertise of our underwriting team directly to you, with our tailored underwriting workshops.

  • Get case queries answered – meet face to face with our expert team to have your detailed questions answered
  • Get cases moving faster – have the inside track on progressing your cases straight to AIP
  • Boost your knowledge – see how we review complex cases, enabling you to navigate through your clients’ applications with more confidence.

If you’d like to get in touch to talk about Bespoke, please contact us.

Supporting Material

Bespoke Enquiry Form Download Bespoke Enquiry Form


Bespoke FAQs Download Bespoke FAQs


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