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Working with us

Find everything you need to make working with us as quick and easy as possible.

Working with us

Select which stage of the application journey you're looking for help with:

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Pre-application queries

We’re well equipped to help you find answers to your pre-application queries. The following tools are available to you:

Online applications and submitting business

We have lots of useful information to make using our online application system as smooth as possible.

Before making an application, check our service levels and application to offer timescales, especially for those clients who have a time sensitive completion date.

Our online application system

Visit our registration page to find out how to get setup to submit business with us. You’ll also find information about our onboarding process.

Take a look at our online application hints and tips guide for help with:

  • Getting started with registration or logging in, including password resets
  • Useful tips for correctly packaging a case
  • How to upload documents
  • Ways we’ll keep you updated throughout the process.

Linking to case administrators

You can save time by letting your case administrators help you manage your cases.

Take a look at our linking your case administrator guide which will take you through this quick and easy process. Before you start, make sure your case administrators have registered to use our online application system.

Cases in progress

You can view our service updates to get a quick overview of our current service levels and business volumes. We update this page daily.

When logged into our online application system, you're able to view the case tracking feature that lets you know how your client’s case is progressing.

Getting case updates

Have a read of our ‘Keeping you updated’ section in our online application hints and tips guide for a better understanding of what case tracking features are available to you.

To help you keep track of your cases:

  • We’ll send you an email notification letting you know when a case status has been updated. You can simply login to see the update
  • You're able to send messages directly to the team looking after your case when you login to our online application system. This can be the quickest way for you to get further support once you've submitted a case.

Case updates you can't track online

You'll need to speak to us if you have a case update query you can't track online. To get in touch you can:

Services for our existing customers

We’ve made it easy for you to help clients who are one of our existing customers. See our information below on product transfers, further advances, and porting & moving.

Product Transfers

Our online product transfer service makes it quick and easy to secure a new rate for your client:

Further Advances

If your client wants to borrow more money on their mortgage, you could help them apply for a further advance with us.

See our further advance information page for everything you need to know.

Porting & Moving

If your client is looking to move, you could help them port their rate to a new property or take out a new loan with us. All rates are portable, subject to the terms and conditions of the original mortgage offer, current lending criteria and affordability.

See our porting and moving information page for everything you need to know.


*Live Chat is available 9am to 5pm Monday – Friday (excluding Bank Holidays). Chat transcripts may be recorded for training and monitoring purposes.

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