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Buy to Let Calculator

See how much your client could borrow on a Buy to Let ICR and Top Slicing mortgage.

Buy to Let Calculator Hints & Tips

Buy to Let Calculator

Find answers to key correct affordability results on our help page.

Step 1 - ICR calculation

  • For a Buy to Let ICR mortgage, you only need to complete Step 1.

Step 2 - Top Slicing calculation

  • To see how much more your client could borrow on a Top Slicing mortgage, please enter their details in both Steps 1 and 2.

Things to consider:

  • The results are based on your client’s personal income, financial commitments and the rental income of the Buy to Let property being mortgaged
  • During the application process we’ll ask for a more detailed breakdown of their income and outgoings, which could change the amount we can lend
  • If your client is a contractor, please enter 80% of their annualised gross contracting income, in line with our lending criteria
  • The minimum BTL property value is £100,000
  • Maximum portfolio size of 3 UK Buy to Let mortgaged properties per applicant (either solely or jointly) across all lenders, including Bank of Ireland Group. Properties that are owned in the name of a limited company which an applicant is a director of, and applications in progress, should also be included
  • We don’t offer limited company Buy to Lets.

This calculator provides an indication only. It’s not a legally binding mortgage Offer and places Bank of Ireland UK at no obligation to provide your client with a mortgage. All applications must meet our lending criteria and are subject to assessment. The amount your client could borrow may be less once we’ve made this assessment.

Exclusive rates for energy efficient Buy to Lets

Green Buy to Let mortgages are now available with exclusive rates for properties with energy performance ratings A or B.

  • Purchases and remortgages
  • ICR and Top Slicing
See our Green BTL mortgages

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