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Registering to Submit Business

Register to submit business with ease using our online application system.

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Who can register to submit business?

If your firm is an Appointed Representative of a Network or Principal firm that you know is already able to submit business with us, you can register to use our online application system right away.

For Directly Authorised firms who have completed our onboarding process, you're now able to register for our online application system and submit business.

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Find out if your firm is on our panel

If you're unsure whether your Principal firm or Directly Authorised firm is already on our intermediary panel, you can contact us to find out.

If you're a Directly Authorised or Principal firm that has not previously registered with us, you'll need to go through our onboarding process before you're able to register to submit business.


Networks on our Intermediary Panel*
Connect PRIMIS
Connells Quilter
Countrywide Sesame
Homeloan Partnership St James's Place Wealth
Mortgage Advice Bureau Stonebridge
Mortgage Intelligence The Right Mortgage Network
Openwork TMG

*This is not an exhaustive list and shows only a selection of Networks that are already on our panel.

Onboarding with us

To begin the onboarding process and join our intermediary panel, you'll need to be nominated by a Bank of Ireland BDM or your Mortgage Club. To find out more about this process, get in touch.

The Onboarding Process:

An image with text detailing the steps of the onboarding timeline

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If your firm or any advisers do not submit any business for 12 months or more, they’ll automatically be removed from our intermediary panel. If you wish to submit business after this, you’ll need to follow our onboarding process to register again.

Your browser is not supported. For the best experience, we recommend using the latest version of Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox or Safari at 100% zoom level. You won’t be able to access our application system using Internet Explorer, please use one of the browsers suggested above.