About us

Our aim is to make your life easier.

By focusing on our service, relationships and products.  


Buy to Let rates

Help your customers with our competitive Buy to Let rates.

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Service you can rely on

We know that excellent and consistent service is important to you. That’s why we’re proud to provide you with:

  • an award winning application system, which allows you to securely upload documents and communicate straight to your underwriter
  • streamlined processes, including day one valuation instruction
  • direct access to underwriters providing fast, consistent decisions
  • industry expertise and support from our experienced telephone and field-based business development managers.

Working with you

We want to work closely with you to better understand and be responsive to your needs:

  • Speak to your business development manager. They'll make sure your comments are given to the right people
  • Complete our surveys. When you submit business we'll send you a survey. Complete this form and send it back to us
  • Your feedback is welcome. If there’s anything we can do or improve on, we’ll aim to do it for you.

Wide product choice

We can offer you a broad range of products, giving your customers greater choice:

  • Fixed and variable residential products for both purchases and remortgages
  • Start more conversations with First Start. First Start boosts your customers’ borrowing power by combining their income with that of a sponsor. So together they can borrow more, responsibly
  • Buy to Let products, available to Consumer Buy to Let (CBTL) and Investment Property Loans (IPL) customers
  • Interest only products. 

Buy to Let rates

Help your customers with our competitive Buy to Let rates.

See our rates

Our award winning system

Our online mortgage application system is simple to use and easy to understand.

Document upload
Securely upload multiple documents per application
Case messaging
2-way communication with your underwriter
Case tracking
Follow the progress of your customer's application