Product transfers made easier

29 July 2019

Great news! You can now submit and view product transfers through the same system you use for new business. So, you'll continue to benefit from:

  • An easy to use system
  • A straight forward application process

And for product transfers, you can now:

  • View the estimated loan to value and property value
  • See the balance and normal monthly payment of each sub account
  • Track your active case once submitted

View our process flow to see how to submit product transfers.

We have further exciting developments planned soon, watch this space!

Change to your customers’ mortgage payment


Following the Bank of England Base Rate (BBR) change announced on 11th March, if your customers have a mortgage with us that’s on our Standard Variable Rate or is linked to the BBR, their monthly payment will change from 1st of April 2020. They should have received a letter from us by now telling them how much their new monthly payment will be. We’ll write to them by 9th April if the BBR cut announced on 18th March also affects them.