“Best Use of Technology” winner, Mortgage Finance Gazette Awards 2016

09 December 2015


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Our new mortgage application system has just won a very special award for ‘Best Use of Technology’ from the Mortgage Finance Gazette.

Designed to provide you with the best possible mortgage experience you can benefit from:

  • Document upload – quickly and securely submit documents required for underwriter assessment, instead of sending us copies in the post
  • Efficiency – register quickly and start submitting new business within minutes
  • Case messaging – 2 way communication straight to your underwriter
  • Document bundling – single documentation for compliance evidencing
  • Simplicity – easily move between applications, saving as you go

And we’re not standing still.

Our new system will continue to adapt to the changing ways of doing business to make things faster and easier for you.

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Our award winning system

Our online mortgage application system is simple to use and easy to understand.

Document upload
Securely upload multiple documents per application
Case messaging
2-way communication with your underwriter
Case tracking
Follow the progress of your customer's application

Change to your customers’ mortgage payment


Following the Bank of England Base Rate (BBR) change announced on 11th March, if your customers have a mortgage with us that’s on our Standard Variable Rate or is linked to the BBR, their monthly payment will change from 1st of April 2020. They should have received a letter from us by now telling them how much their new monthly payment will be. We’ll write to them by 9th April if the BBR cut announced on 18th March also affects them.